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Quiz Answer 1


Myth 1. Almost all mummies come from Egypt. 

Fact: Mummies have been found all over the world.


Most people think of mummies as Egyptian, and with good reason. From about 2600 B.C. to A.D. 641, Egyptians deliberately mummified their dead, creating mil­lions of mummies. Because they made so many mummies over such a long period of time and because they often used excellent mummymaking techniques, Egyptian mummies have easily become the most famous in the world.

But other civilizations around the world also preserved their dead. According to mummy expert Aidan Cockburn, millions of other mummies also exist.

In fact, human mummies have been discovered on every inhabited continent, including North America. Even Antarctica, where the cold temperatures freeze-dry anything that dies there, has yielded a large number of seal mummies, some thousands of years old.


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