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Amenophis I, 18th Dynasty

All of the statements are false!


Don't be surprised if your ideas have been clouded by some misconceptions. 

Many people have mistaken ideas about mummies, because very little comprehensive information exists. When researchers discover a new mummy or analyze one already found, they do not register it with a Central Mummy Office. Therefore, determining which mummy is the world's oldest or best preserved is virtually impossible. There is no list of all the mummies ever found, let alone all the mummies on display in the world's museums, to help them. What's more, very few scientists actually study mummies. Those who do almost always specialize in studying human mummies from a particular civilization; they often have little interest in comparing them to mummies from other societies. 

It's no wonder, then, that quite a few mummy myths have developed.


Myth 1.

Almost all mummies come from Egypt. The facts.  

Myth 2.

Mummies were first made in Egypt. The facts.

Myth 3.

Mummies were always created by mummymakers. The facts.

Myth 4.

Mummies are always wrapped in linen, put in beautiful coffins, and buried in old tombs. The facts.

Myth 5.

If their wrappings are removed, most Egyptian mummies look as if they are alive. The facts.

Myth 6.

Only people can become mummies. The facts.

Myth 7.

There is only one way to make a mummy. The facts.

Myth 8.

Anyone who finds a mummy will be cursed. The facts.

Myth 9.

Mummies were made to scare people. The facts.

Myth 10.

All mummies are hundreds or thousands of years old. The facts.