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Making a Tshirt Doll Mummy

Denise sent in directions to create a tshirt doll mummy. Here are her directions:


You don't need much for this project except an old white T-shirt (it can be ripped and faded), a doll (either Barbie or Ken or one of their many friends), one cup of flour, and 2 cups of water. 

First, cut the T-shirt into strips (about a half-inch wide), then mix the water and flour in a bowl. Add the cloth strips to the bowl, and saturate each strip. Wrap the doll with one strip at a time. You may want to wrap the doll twice to make a nicer looking mummy. Allow the mummy to dry overnight. You might even need two nights of drying time. Now your mummy doll is complete.


Thank you, Denise, for sharing her recipe.


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