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Making a Chicken Mummy: Recipe 3

An Illustrated Guide to Making a Cornish Game Hen Mummy

by Mr. Montgomery and his class (at St. Helen Catholic School, Pearland, TX)



a 16-oz. Cornish game hen


King Cluck-ankhamun


One day, Mr. Montgomery’s 4th and 5th grade class decided to mummify Cornish game hens. He wrote: "We found this to be not only easy and entertaining, but educational too. After about 6 weeks, we were done. Now all we have left to do is dig up the chickens in a couple of months to see the effects of time and the elements."

Fill the hen with salt and place it in a salt-filled bag

When dried, rub the hen with baby oil and rub with spices

Wrap it well with gauze, then paint it with shellac

 Decorate the hen and its shoebox sarcophagus

Place hens in burial case

Dig the grave

Erect a pyramid

The team takes a bow! (and waits...)


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