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Boscoreale Antiquarium

The route to the Boscoreale Antiquarium can be done on foot, but is best done by taxi or car.


The Boscoreale Antiquarium is a museum just a short distance (about 2 km) north of the Porta Marina entrance at the Pompeii ruins (it is signposted from this entrance). Opened in 1991, the Boscoreale Antiquarium features exhibits from the archaeological sites of Boscoreale, Oplontis, Herculaneum, Pompeii, Terzigno and StabiaeBecause it is a smaller museum and much less visited, it provides a quiet, calm introduction to the Pompeii sites (before tackling the crowds at Pompeii and, to a lesser extent, Herculaneum). I highly recommend it. 

If you wish to visit Boscoreale, along with Pompeii and Herculaneum (as well as Oplontis and Stabiae), you can buy one ticket (valid for three days) that allows entry to these five sites (the adult price of around €20.00 is a slight bargain if you plan to visit two sites, but a huge value if you will visit all five; note you can only visit each site once during the three days).

The main gate at the Boscoreale Antiquarium; thank you, Rick Bauer, for the photo

The entrance to the antiquarium

Its permanent exhibit features three plaster casts, including the original plaster cast of the famous Pompeii guard dog (thank you, Rick Bauer, for the following three photos).

The original cast of the famous guard dog from Pompeii is on permanent exhibit here

A plaster cast of a boar

The head of a woman from the Villa of the Pisanella


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