Featured Mummy Museums @ Mummy Tombs


Guanajuato: Museo de las momias displays over 100 natural mummies, discovered when their bodies were removed from their graves for failing to pay a grave tax. 


Mexico City: Museo de El Carmen displays twelve unidentified Mexican mummies as part of the museum's mission to "show the life of the monks of the former Carmelite Convent of El Carmen" (also called Colegio de San Angel). According to the museum's website: "They were unearthed by the Zapatistas that occupied this site in 1916 during the revolution, who lifted the heavy cover of the tomb looking for a treasure. The mummies are displayed in wooden boxes lined with velvet, and their age is estimated at more than 300 years."

An article in the Vancouver Sun commented on the El Carmen mummies: "The withered mummies are believed to be 17th-century benefactors of the monastery. One suspects those ancient benefactors would have been far less generous to the monastery had they known that hundreds of years later they were going to be exhibited like a gruesome Dracula family gathering while the glories of colonial art were displayed on the floors above."