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Mummy Museums in Africa



Cairo: The Egyptian Museum is the granddaddy of mummy museums. It should be the first on anyone's list of mummy museums to visit.

Luxor: The Museum of Mummification is well worth a visit. The museum's holdings include a large crocodile, a 21st Dynasty high priest, a cat, a ram, and an ape. The mummy of the high priest is beautifully wrapped. 


Grahamstown: The Albany Museum has an Egyptian mummy from the 18th Dynasty.

Durban: The Durban Natural Science Museum has an Egyptian mummy named Peten-Amun (a priest) from about 300 B.C. 

Pretoria: The National Cultural History Museum has an Egyptian mummy from the Roman period. X-rays indicate that the mummy may be female, but the mummy portrait attached to the coffin is male. Further study is underway.