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Books about Sacred Mummies

No one book has been written just about mummies of famous people, but a number of books have a good assortment. These include Christine Quigley's Modern Mummies. Suitable for ages 14-adult.

Sacred mummies (in a state of perfect preservation) renowned for their special holiness by the Catholic Church can be found in Europe. They include Saint Therese (at Le Puy, France) as well as St. Catherine Labore and Saint Vincent De Paul (Paris). Some of these bodies have a little wax on the face for make up but are preserved in crystal coffins. They were disinterred shortly before their canonization (that is, the official declaration of sainthood) and found intact. Blessed Jacinta Marto may also be preserved in Portugal, but not on display. Her brother, who lay in the same grave was found to be disintegrated (reference: Our Lady of Fatima, William Thomas Walsh).

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