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Mummies have not always been treated well--and some need to be buried or repatriated right now.

In this section of Mummy Tombs, you find out how mummies have been treated with disrespect. It's enough to make a mummy (or a daddy) cry.


Mummy Dummy 1: Grave Robbers

Mummy Dummy 2: Medieval Doctors and Their Patients

Mummy Dummy 3: Treasure Hunters and Antique Collectors

Mummy Dummy 4: Mummy Magicians

Mummy Dummy 5: Sideshow Operators

Mummy Dummy 6: Museums

Mummy Dummy 7: Public Autopsies


Most of the material in this section of Mummy Tombs was taken from James M Deem's How to Make a Mummy Talk.